Liberty Safe to Sponsor World-class Shooter Gabby Franco

Liberty Safe to Sponsor World-class Shooter Gabby Franco

Gabby Franco

Liberty Safe today announced its sponsorship of Gabby Franco, one of the foremost female competition shooters, an Olympian, and champion marksman in international competitions.

“Liberty Safe is pleased to sponsor Gabby in her work to teach and train men and women in the shooting-sports world,” said Kim Waddoups, CEO of Liberty Safe. “Gabby’s enthusiasm and creativity as a teacher, firearms instructor, and competitive shooter is bringing encouragement to tens of thousands of students and followers who want to shoot more precisely with a handgun.”

Gabby represented Venezuela at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She was Venezuela’s national champion for air pistol and sports pistol for five years. She has won gold and silver medals at international Olympic shooting competitions and several awards at USPSA competitions. Since taking up the sport at age 11, she has worked hard to achieve her dream of being numbered among the very best.

Since coming to the United States, Gabby has been a long-time friend of Liberty Safe. “When I’m traveling to speak or teach or help others,” Gabby said, “I lock my pistols in my Liberty safe, the only safe I can trust to do the job.”

Today Gabby gives speeches supporting the Second Amendment. She teaches seminars and provides individual training. She is an NRA certified instructor and was featured on History channel’s Top Shot, becoming one of the program’s all-stars, and the first woman to win the coveted green shirt.

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