Women have arrived in film industry: Mexican director

Los Angeles, Oct 23 (The Eastern Herald) With the upcoming release of “Silencio,” Mexican director Lorena Villarreal believes that her film is an important step not only for herself but also for all women.

“Now is the time to prove what we are able to do,” Villarreal said on Sunday, referring to the opportunities that Hispanic women have in both Mexico and the US, not only in the film industry but also in other aspects of life, reports Efe news.

With the feminist movement in full swing, women were “less afraid” to express themselves and were producing “great change” step by step, the Mexican director said.

Villarreal also said that any woman who wants to be an actress, an astronomer or a doctor should not falter or be afraid, adding that she was contributing to a “great movement” with “Silencio,” which meets international quality standards thanks to the thorough work of a very diverse team.

In addition to directing the film, the Los Angeles resident also wrote and co-produced “Silencio,” which tells the story of Anna, a successful single mother portrayed by Melina Matthews, whose child is abducted by a group of people seeking to get a hold on a powerful stone discovered by the kid’s grandfather.

The film – which takes place in Mexico’s mysterious “Zone of Silence” – also features John Noble, known for his performance as Denethor in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

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