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Mozilla Firefox gets enhanced tracking protection

California [United States], October 24 (The Eastern Herald): Mozilla has added improved tracking protection to its Firefox browser. The purpose behind the update is to offer users an experience where they don’t come across eerie ads following them from social websites to random web searches.
In its blog, Mozilla explained that Enhanced Tracking Protection removes cross-site tracking. The feature will be enabled by default, and disabling third-party cookies.
With Enhanced Tracking Protection, users will be able to block cookies and storage access from third-party trackers. To enable the feature, simply head to the Firefox Options/Preferences. On the left-hand menu, click on Privacy & Security. Under Content Blocking click the checkbox next to ‘Third-Party Cookies’ and select ‘Trackers (recommended)’.
In addition to increased protection and more data control, Mozilla also added a handful of new features including search shortcuts, dark theme, and Siri shortcuts. (The Eastern Herald)

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