Chhath concludes in Nepal’s Mithila

    Janakpurdham [Nepal], Nov 14 (TEH): Chhath, the festival dedicated to the Sun god, concluded in Nepal’s Mithila in the Janakpurdham district on Wednesday morning.People, standing in the river water, made offerings to the rising Sun.The devotees, who have been fasting since Monday from the day of Kartik Shukla Panchami, made an offering of water ‘Arghya’ and broke the fast.The festival has a special significance in the Mithila region of the Himalayan nation. Nepali people celebrate the occasion with the prayers for prosperity, happiness and longevity of the family members.On Tuesday, devotees made offering to the setting sun, offering various delicacies made sacredly and later distributed as prasad.The holy dip into rivers, fasting and abstaining from even drinking water is an important part of the celebrations.The festival celebrated in Nepal’s southern plains, especially in Mithilanchal – Sita’s ancestral state, has lately attracted people from the hills. (TEH)

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