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Congress’ pro-Hindu stance a facade: BJP on Kamal Nath video

New Delhi [India], Nov 14 (TEH): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the Congress, saying that the latter’s pro-Hindu approach is a facade and that in reality, they hate the Hindu community and only appease the Muslims.The BJP’s allegations came in the wake of a video on social media, wherein Congress Madhya Pradesh chief Kamal Nath can be seen telling a gathering of Muslims to bear with their (BJP’s) pro-Hindu stance until the elections, following which the party will deal with them (the RSS and the BJP).Addressing a press conference, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “This video shows the true face of the Congress. Kamal Nath Ji is no small leader, he is their Madhya Pradesh chief. His words are also the Congress’. The video reveals the animosity the Congress harbours in their mind towards the RSS and the Hindus.””When they converse with Muslim people behind closed doors, they admit they are a Muslim party. Even Rahul Gandhi admitted to the same when he met with Muslim intellects earlier this year. On the other hand, when they sit down with Hindus, Rahul Gandhi says, he and his family are Shiv Bhakts and that he wears a holy thread as well. So when they are with Muslims they speak against Hindus and when with Hindus, start a ‘fancy dress Hinduism’,” Patra added.The BJP spokesperson further stated that the Congress practices “divide and rule” politics.”What is Kamal Nath Ji saying? The meeting is with Muslim intelligentsia and clerics, where he says that you have to bear everything till the voting day, following which we will settle them. All these facades of going to temples, wearing a tikas, that Rahul Gandhi has to put up with these days, please bear them till the voting day, it doesn’t mean we are not with you, we still are, and we are not with them (Hindus). After the elections, we will deal with them. We condemn their stance against the Hindus,” Patra said.Patra said that the Congress cannot just set aside the Hindus and that the people of the country constitutionally removed them from power in 2014.He stated that the Congress, for the purpose of appeasing Muslims, have time and again compared Hindus and the Sangh with various Muslim extremist and terror organizations. “It is now proven that Rahul Gandhi is no shiv bhakt and his animosity towards the Sanatan religion and the Hindu religion is now clear,” Patra said.The 230-constituency state will go to polls on November 28. Results will be declared on December 11. (TEH)

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