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Was trying to wary people of BJP’s disruptive tactics: Kamal Nath on his viral video

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov 14 (TEH): Congress’ Madhya Pradesh chief Kamal Nath on Wednesday issued clarification over his video, saying that he only told the Muslim clerics to maintain communal harmony till the November 28 elections, warning them to stay wary of efforts from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to disrupt the same.Controversy was sparked in the poll-bound state when the BJP shared a video of Kamal Nath speaking with a gathering of Muslim clerics, telling them to bear with the RSS’ tactics till the election-day, following which the Congress will “deal with them.”The BJP cornered the Congress over the video, alleging that the latter’s pro-Hindu stance is a facade and that the Congress “divide and rule” via appeasement politics.Addressing a press conference, Kamal Nath said, “I saw the viral video, what have I said in the video? I told them to maintain communal unity and harmony until the 28th because through the RSS, the BJP will try to confuse and provoke them. I said it in the video and I say it again, the BJP, which is unable to provide any answers, they will make these efforts.”He further clarified that in the video, he clearly warned the Muslims to “not get confused” and that after the elections, the Congress “will defend everyone”.”I said we will defend every community, not just Muslims. I said don’t get confused, I say this to everyone. The BJP will do so (confuse and provoke) as part of their election tactics. This video is almost three months old. I was calling for everyone, be it BJP, RSS or anyone else, to maintain communal peace,” Kamal Nath said.In reply to questions pertaining to him saying that the Congress will “deal with them” (RSS, BJP), Kamal Nath said they will most definitely do so with such entities that try to divide the nation and create communal tensions.”After the elections, there will implications for those will be launched against those who try to reap political benefits from dividing communities,” the Congress leader said.He further stated that it is wrong to consider that the RSS have the responsibility of the entire Hindu community.The state will go to polls to elect legislators for its 230 constituencies on November 28. Results will be declared on December 11. (TEH)

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