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People born to foreign women should not lift finger on government – BJP MP

Speaking on Rahul Gandhi, BJP MP from Madhya Pradesh, said that the country is already facing the adverse effects of someone born from a foreign woman who was interfering in the country’s affairs. The whole country is seeing its adverse effect on India.

He targeted Rahul Gandhi and said that those born of foreign women should not raise a finger on the government. Meanwhile, the BJP leader questioned Rahul Gandhi’s tweet regarding the Pulwama attack. Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s questions, he said, “At a time when the entire country remembered the sacrifices of the brave men killed in the Pulwama attack, Rahul Gandhi shamelessly raised questions about the attack.

We are ashamed that Rahul is among us. ‘Rahul on Twitter asked on the first anniversary of the Pulwama attack, who got the most benefit out of the attack.

The BJP leader further said that we can also ask who has benefited from the marriage of an Italian woman and an Indian, at least the country has not benefited from this marriage.

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