CGT slams the door of the financing conference on pension reform e1582122981277
CGT slams the door of the financing conference on pension reform e1582122981277

The union denounces “an impossible compromise” with the government and announces the organization of a new conference of alternative financing.

“The fundraising conference is dead. Catherine Perret, Confederation secretary of the CGT in charge of pensions, announced this Wednesday morning at the microphone of Radio Classique the withdrawal of the CGT from the pension funding conference. She denounces a lack of room for maneuver and “an impossible compromise” with the executive.


Proposed by the CFDT and set up at the end of January by Edouard Philippe, the financing conference responsible for bringing the pension system back to balance by 2027, started on Tuesday. The social partners are expected to meet six times by April.

At the same time, the Secretary of State for Pensions, Laurent Pietraszewski, announced that the financing conference will continue even without the presence of the CGT: “There is not only the CGT in the landscape. But I regret that a large union slams the door to this type of dialogue because it has its place. Those who remain have jobs, ” he reported on Wednesday at BFM TV.

An alternative funding conference

Catherine Perret announced a new meeting for Thursday, February 20 with the intersyndicale (CGT, Force Ouvriere, FSU, Solidaires, and student unions) in order to organize an alternative “serious and open ” funding conference ” where will propose another model of society ”.

“We will organize our own conference because we have proposals for funding which are very serious and are also shared within the Inter”, she said, adding that this new conference would be organized “in all territories”.

Still strong opposition from the CGT to the reform project

The Confederal Secretary of the CGT also once again expressed her opposition to the pension reform: “We will continue to inform and alert citizens of the danger of this reform,” she said.

“There is no pension deficit, there is a lack of funding,” she said, referring to the 12 billion euros needed to ensure the financial balance of the pension reform until ‘in 2027 – the primary objective of the funding conference.

The Confederation secretary of the CGT was also worried about the behavior of Medef in negotiations with the government: “Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux [the head of Medef, note] did not stop saying that he wanted to reduce the age of legal retirement at 65 and above all save on retirement benefits. What alerts me is that Medef and the government are fighting the same battle, ” criticized Catherine Perret.

Asked about the eleventh day of interprofessional mobilization against the pension reform, which will take place Thursday, February 20, the Confederation secretary of the CGT called “the employees to mobilize even stronger”.


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