Candidate LR reaches 25% of voting intentions in the first round according to the last Odoxa survey for “Le Figaro”, published this Wednesday. The outgoing PS mayor receives 23% and Agnes Buzyn (LREM) 17%.


However, according to this same survey, it remains beaten by Anne Hidalgo in the second round, according to the different configurations proposed by Odoxa.

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Buzyn in the game, Villani in free fall

Did the abandonment of Benjamin Griveaux , who had to give up his candidacy after the dissemination of intimate videos have had an impact on the voting intentions? Agnes Buzyn, the new candidate of LREM , is credited with 17% and grapples only one small point compared to the previous poll which tested the vote in favor of her predecessor.

A stability that is also observed on the side of environmentalists: David Beliard remains at 14%, in the fourth position, down 0.5 points.

The dissident LREM Cedric Villani, who had decided to stand on his own two feet and maintain his candidacy  despite his exclusion from the presidential party, no longer seems to benefit from the dynamics observed a few months ago. Worse, when his supporters could hope a vote carry in his favor with the departure of his direct competitor Benjamin Griveaux, the mathematician is recorded at 7%. Down 3 points.

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