The New York police have been chasing them for several days. Khalief Young, 28, is suspected of being the perpetrator of the knife attack on a French tourist in the Harlem district, has been arrested, the NYPD announced on social media. According to the New York Post, a police officer spotted him on the street Monday afternoon.

Originally from Montpellier, Gabriel Bascou, 27, was attacked on Friday when he was leaving a restaurant on boulevard Adam Clayton Powell Jr., west of 135th street. Hospitalized, he had to undergo a tracheostomy but his life is not in danger.


Two years in prison for a firearm

Filmed by security cameras, Khalief Young lives very close to the restaurant in front of which the attack took place and has already had problems with the law. He spent two years in prison between 2015 and 2017 for possession of firearms before his parole. Young wouldn’t be his first assault in recent months either. Last June, he attacked a trader he cut, reveals the New York Post.

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According to a report obtained by La Depêche du Midi, Young also assaulted his girlfriend on October 20. “The accused struck the victim in the face with the closed fist and kicked him on the body with the foot causing redness, swelling, and hemorrhage in the victim’s face,” reads the complaint.

Even if the attack did not seem to be premeditated or have any reason, Khalief Young had “the intention to cause the death” of Gabriel Bascou, an investigator told the regional daily. He was charged with “attempted second-degree murder” and “first-degree assault”.