Protesters attempt to progress towards the Palace of El Mouradia scaled e1582379664295
Protesters attempt to progress towards the Palace of El Mouradia scaled e1582379664295

In the aftermath of a strong mobilization for the 53rd Friday, tens of thousands of demonstrators beat again, this Saturday, the pavement of Algiers, to mark the year “I” of the Hirak.

The first gatherings began to form in several districts of the capital, notably in Bab El Oued, Place des Martyrs, Place Audin and Didouche Mourad.

At 10:30 a.m., the demonstrators, who started their march in small groups, each from their neighborhood, converged on the Grande Poste, where they first held a large rally.

But around noon, and with the influx of many other citizens from other neighborhoods of the capital, in particular El Harrach, Kouba, Belouizdad and May 1, the demonstrators managed to occupy and appropriate the main arterials of the center of Algiers. The march promised to be grand.

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At 1 p.m., the large crowd went up the rue Didouche Mourad, trying to break the security cordon erected at the level of the RCD headquarters, to progress thus towards the Palace of El Mouradia, while chanting “Hada Hirak machi cinema”, “majinach nahtaflou, jina besh tarahlou ”(we didn’t go out to party, but rather to bring down the system).

The police had to use a water cannon to repel the demonstrators. 


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