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The Oranans swear by the continuation of the fight

Celebration of the 1st day of Hirak

The Hirak as on the first day
The Hirak as on the first day

A year after the start of the wave of February 22, the slogan “Yetnahaou gaâ” is still valid.

Thousands of Orans came out yesterday in the streets of Oran to celebrate the year 1 of Hirak with the same demands they carried at the start of the smile revolution on February 22, 2019. And they have indicated even before the start of the 53rd market, place du 1er-Novembre. 

Men, women, and children, with family or friends, draped in the national flag and the Amazigh emblem, began the march by chanting the indefatigable “Civil and non-military state”, “Free and democratic Algeria”, before marking a stop in front of the local headquarters of the FLN, repeating in unison: “You have pillaged the country, band of thieves”, slogan served to the old party every Friday, for 12 months.

“As long as this party, the RND, the MPA and all the parties that have accompanied power for 20 years have not disappeared from the political landscape, we will not stop walking,” recalled one of the most assiduous.

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Throughout the route that connects the Place du 1er-Novembre to the seat of the wilaya, thousands of voices shouted their rejection of the current power as they did not cease to claim “clearance” during the Bouteflika era. and Bensalah, with the same determination and the same enthusiasm. “Wallah mana habssine”, they repeated throughout the march, insisting in their slogans that “Chaâb houa li ikarrar” (It is the people who decide).

“The people have gone out into the streets and will not stop pounding the pavement as long as the system is in place, as long as they have no power to decide and as long as Algerians are arrested and thrown in prison for having expressed their opinion ”, assured another demonstrator, wanting as proof that the hirak survived all the insults for 12 long months.

Among the Hirakists, Smaïl and Nasreddine could not hide their tears of happiness for having seen this popular movement go so far. “Today are tears of joy and victory. Indeed, we are still far from achieving our goals, but we are coming back from far, from far away,” said Nasreddine, throat knotted by the emotion. 

During the rally in front of the headquarters of the wilaya, thousands of voices repeated their rejection of the current situation in Algeria which “is still in the hands of the same power.” “The bottom line of the problem has not changed: power has not been returned to the people and Algeria is ruled by the same regime, ”said another protester. 

A year after the start of the formidable wave of February 22, despite some achievements, many slogans have remained the same, and “Yetnahaou gaâ” is still relevant to the Oran people, who celebrated the year 1 of Hirak with a mixture of joy and bitterness.

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