Coronavirus healed patients are diagnosed positive again in Wuhan China e1582484566325
Coronavirus healed patients are diagnosed positive again in Wuhan China e1582484566325

A 14-day mandatory quarantine to be spent in designated places designated by the authorities for all patients recovered from the coronavirus. This is the new measure taken by the local Wuhan administration after some people tested positive for Covid-19 even after being discharged.

Well, according to what the command center for the treatment and control of the coronavirus of the city on Weibo has reiterated, from today all people hospitalized and discharged must spend a period of isolation under constant medical observation.

The South China Morning Post points points out that the new quarantine agreements came after doctors, at the forefront of the battle against the epidemic, advised that healed patients could still carry the virus and therefore still be contagious. Zhao Jianping, a doctor in charge of an operational team in Hubei, explained that there have been cases where patients have tested positive after they appear to have recovered.

The returning nightmare

Mr. Zhao’s words were taken up by Southern People Weekly magazine: “All of this is very dangerous. Where can those patients be placed? You can’t send them home because they could infect others, but you can’t even put them in the hospital because resources are reduced.”

It remains to be seen whether what has been found can be linked to a flaw in the Chinese health system, with patients given for recovered when they were still infected, or if such a condition is attributable to a new and particular property of the coronavirus.

Xiang Nijuan, a researcher from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, explained to CCTV that monitoring of those who had close contact with patients should be extended to a wider pool of people, precisely for the reason just explained.

“We don’t know if they are contagious”

By way of example, in the city of Chengdu, a patient discharged on February 10 after meeting the standard for recovery was brought back to the hospital nine days later, when during a check he tested positive for the virus again. A similar case occurred in Changde, Hunnan. Here a woman tested positive on February 9, five days after exiting the quarantine in which she was.

In Guangzhou, according to the South Metropolitan Dailytraces of coronavirus have been found in the stool samples of a small number of discharged patients. Cai Weiping, head of the infectious diseases department of the hospital no. 8 of Guanzhou, therefore released an important statement: “It may be that there are still viruses or fragments of viral genes in discharged patients. It is not yet certain whether they are contagious or not. This is a new pathogen and we have yet to understand its dynamics.”

Recall that infected patients in China can only be discharged if they are able to meet four criteria: normal body temperature for more than three days, respiratory symptoms that improve significantly, Cat imaging of the chest showing significant improvement in the lungs and negative results in two tests of nucleic acid at least one day apart.

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