We are moving towards a game behind closed doors, but played “regularly” in San Siro, for the return of the Europa League round of 32 between Inter and Ludogorets: the decision should be made official in the next few hours, after the OK from the Municipality and the Region. UEFA today probed alternative stages, but in the end, the solution of a closed Meazza, with only the insiders present, was the one with the least contraindications. 

The Bulgarian club since yesterday, alarmed by the news coming from Italy, was waiting for a decision, especially after consultation with the diplomats of the country had advised against a trip to Italy.

However, the match is to be played this week, as the second round is scheduled for two weeks and the Coppa Italia semi-final is scheduled for next Thursday. For Conte and his team, however, it should be a quiet race: the double challenge was largely addressed in Bulgaria with the 2-0.

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