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Friday, October, 7, 2022

Music: Aloise Sauvage, life on a thread

Aloise Sauvage is not afraid of heights: she puts herself in danger hanging on a rope at the Victoires de la Musique, and talks about her, without filter, in her album “Devouring” which is out on Friday.

“My suspended microphone (which allows him to do tricks), we don’t realize – and that’s good enough – that it’s perilous. It’s a permanent adaptation, it’s + one-shot +, but that’s what I chose, I like the risk “, dissects the artist for AFP.

Her flagship title is called “A horizontal” – rascal invitation – but she, therefore, interpreted it vertically, ending her performance at the Victoires several meters above the ground, wrist hanging on a rope.

“The fear of injury is still there – I had sprains, I also broke my foot once on a staircase that no longer existed because the technician had removed it 5 minutes before (smiles) – but in concert, it’s less physical than what I did at the high level in the circus “, continues the daredevil.

– “Obliged to calm her down” –

The circus? She graduated in addict dance in 2014 from the famous Fratellini Academy, a nursery for circus artists in the Paris region. “It’s someone we had to calm down rather than push,” smiles Laurence Marchand, head of communications for the institution, interviewed for AFP. We keep the image of a “super-hard worker”, it was nice to work with her. ”

“She is a good ambassador of the academy, an atypical personality, the proof, she touched on everything”, adds this manager. The circus performer also went through the cinema box, within particular “120 beats per minute”.

And here she is, taking up the thread of her musical career. “All the support mechanisms for emerging artists had identified the energy of this young singer when she only had four-five songs, reminds AFP Matthieu Cullerton, music journalist at the culture department of France Inter. was really revealed, with her microphone and her rope, at the Trans Musicales de Rennes in 2018, where she was a resident artist, in creation “.

Back on a fruitful journey. The Seine-et-Marne child dabbled in various instruments – flute, drums, saxophone – and rubbed hip-hop. This small template has kept the codes to occupy the stage and put his voice.


– “Anxious, anxious” –

His first boards? “My grandfather filmed everything, I don’t remember but the images are there: I am 8 years old, it is in the auditorium of the Mee-sur-Seine conservatory, no teeth in the middle, bent over, I try to blow in a flute, it’s quite dramatic (laughs), my parents applaud in a rather benevolent way. I was already very stressed. ”

“Anxious, anxious, perfectionist”, these are some character traits that devour her and which she shares with her little sister, illustrator. “We got that from our father”. This genitor to whom she asks “are you gone forever, what’s going on?” in “Papa”, but let her forgive.

Because at 27 years old, she hides nothing from her life in her first opus. “Maybe it’s too risky, maybe you have to know how to protect yourself, but I wanted to be whole, real, to touch others”. She thus evokes the disappearance of a loved one in “Tumor” and her loves in “Jimy”, which is not here a male first name. She also has her anti-homophobic hymn “Omowi”, now ringing her phone.

A title to try to cauterize certain wounds. “It happened to me to cry on the subway when I saw young people my age with homophobic signs when we were probably going to do the same things afterward, like going to the movies, seeing friends …”.

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