Ladies Euroleague Montpellier officially qualified for the quarter finals
Ladies Euroleague Montpellier officially qualified for the quarter finals

The basketball players of Montpellier are officially qualified for the quarter-finals of the Euroleague after the package of the Hungarians of Sopron, who refused to face the Italians of Schio because of the coronavirus.

Fiba Europe gave a lost game to Sopron by 20-0, which allows the Montpellier to finish in fourth place in their group, despite their defeat against the Spaniards of Girona Wednesday in the last group match.

The Schio-Sopron meeting was first to take place on Wednesday at the Italians, in the province of Veneto where the coronavirus rages. Fiba moved her to Ljubljana, but the Hungarians also refused to go to Slovenia.

The Riga Latvians, who did not want to face Venice, Italy or Slovenia, for the same reasons, also lost their match on the green carpet.

Montpellier will face the Russians from Ekaterinburg in the quarterfinals. Two other French clubs will participate in the top 8: Bourges, who will play against the Fenerbahce Turks, and Lyon-Asvel, who will be opposed to the Orenburg Russians.

It is the first time that French women’s basketball has placed three clubs in the quarterfinals of the Euroleague.

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