Track Worlds Mathilde Gros eliminated in 8th in the sprint
Track Worlds Mathilde Gros eliminated in 8th in the sprint

Mathilde Gros, the only French hope in speed among the ladies at the Berlin track cycling world championships, was eliminated on Thursday in the 8th finals of the sprint tournament.

The 20-year-old, however, beat his personal best over 200 meters in qualifying (10.533 seconds) to take ninth place.

In the 16th finals, she had without a lot of margin from the Colombian Bayona Pineda, beaten by a wheel, before losing in the next round against a Dutchwoman, Laurine van Riessen, also for a few centimeters (49 / 1000th of a second ).

Mathilde Gros, considered a great hope on the French women’s track, won bronze last year at the Pruszkow World Championships in Poland.

Its main objective in Berlin, however, remains the keirin, the final of which is disputed on Sunday.

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