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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Coronavirus: government and social media prepare for fake News

The government took stock on Friday in Bercy with the main search engines and social networks on the fight against fake news on the coronavirus, a matter of concern if the epidemic increases, he said.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Qwant, TikTok were present at this meeting, which also included government side Sibeth Ndiaye (government spokesperson), Cedric O (digital) and Adrien Taquet (solidarity and health).

The government, via the government information service (GIS), is in constant contact with social networks and search engines on the evolution of information circulating on the internet on the coronavirus.

Social networks and search engines have acted to highlight government information sites, in response to requests from Internet users for the coronavirus, according to the government.

They have also put in place measures to prevent the dissemination of advertisements on so-called miracle cures.

This monitoring and response device is ready to ramp up if the crisis, and the false news, accelerate, explained to AFP Cedric O.

“We don’t need hospital emergencies to be crowded with people who have ingested bleach” to protect themselves from the coronavirus, following a social media tale, he said.

“The detection and the response to” false news “must be as fluid as possible,” he said.

Social media has spread a lot of fake news about the coronavirus, without causing a disaster yet.

Since the start of the crisis, AFP’s fact-checking site ( has issued 25 tickets in French for verifications of information on the coronavirus.

The international network of fact-checkers, including the specialized AFP team, has published the address of a site that groups all fact-checking work on its members’ coronavirus on a single Twitter list:

Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur
Staff writer at The Eastern Herald. Studied political science.

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