the tnt frequency of canal called into play by the csa
the tnt frequency of canal called into play by the csa

The CSA launched Friday a call for candidates for the frequency TNT of the channel Canal + whose authorization expires on December 5, 2020, a first for a national chain.

“The candidates who wish to take part in this call must deposit their candidature files at the latest on April 14, 2020, at 5:00 pm, at the seat of the Superior council of audio-visual”, the files can also be sent by post, specifies a press release.

The chain can apply again but is not a priority. The call for candidates is however limited to pay channels, with national vocation and in high definition (HD).

Canal + is broadcast on the coveted TNT channel 4, a good position on the numbering grid. The CSA specifies however in its decision that “the attribution of a logical number intervenes at the end of the call to the candidatures”.

The admissible candidates will be auditioned publicly by the CSA.

According to the latest from the Council, almost half of households (49.3%) use the DTT platform to watch television and it is the only mode of reception for 22% of households.

The Canal + channel was launched on terrestrial television on November 4, 1984, first in analog mode. Since 2005, it has been broadcast in digital mode (TNT).

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