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Track Worlds: Ermenault in bronze on individual Pursuit

Frenchman Corentin Ermenault won bronze in the individual pursuit of the Track Cycling World Championships on Friday in Berlin, the third medal for France in the competition.

In the match for third place, the Picard clearly dominated the Italian Jonathan Milan, beaten by more than 3 seconds.

Ermenault completed the 4 km distance in 4 min 09 sec 921.

In qualifying, the son of former Olympic champion Philippe Ermenault had brought his French record to 4 min 07 sec 593.

This is the third medal for France after the silver and bronze gleaned by Quentin Lafargue and Michaël D’Almeida during the kilometer test, earlier Friday evening.

The final will pit American Ashton Lambie against Italian Filippo Ganna, who broke his own world record in qualifying in 4 min 01 sec 934.

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