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Friday, February 3, 2023

Track Worlds: New Zealander Strong world champion in points race

Corbin Strong, a 19-year-old New Zealander, won the points race at the World Track Cycling Championships in Berlin on Friday.

The Spanish Sebastian Mora Verdi, bronze medalist the day before on the scratch, takes the silver medal and the Dutch Roy Eefting the bronze. Bryan Coquard, the French representative, finishes in the 8th position.

As the event was not scheduled on the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer, Dutch title holder Jan-Willem van Schip had given up on defending his asset to focus on the Olympic and American competitions, two Olympic disciplines.

The points race is a 40 km event which offers 16 sprints spread out over the 160 race laps, earning a maximum of 5 points each time for the winner. But taking a lap in the peloton paid 20 points, and that was quickly managed to do a handful of runners, including Strong, who then consolidated his lead over the intermediate sprints.

Amanda Graham
Amanda Graham
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