The former Vice President Joe Biden won the important primary in the race for the presidential candidacy of the American Democrats in South Carolina with almost 50 percent of the vote. He celebrated his victory in front of cheering supporters: “We won – and we clearly won.” A few days ago, the media and experts had declared his candidacy dead. “But we are very lively,” said Biden in South Carolina’s capital, Columbia. “”You put our campaign on the path to defeating Donald Trump.””

It is the first victory of the 77-year-old Biden, who had not been able to prevail in the three previous primaries of the Democrats. Senator Bernie Sanders (78) continues to lead the field of applicants for the Democratic candidacy in nationwide surveys. Sanders had won two of the three previous primaries. As a runner-up with about 20 percent of the votes, he conceded his defeat in South Carolina and congratulated Biden.


The area code was the last one before “Super Tuesday” next Tuesday. Then is elected in more than a dozen states. More than a third of all delegates will be assigned to determine the Democratic candidate in the summer. This candidate will vote against Republican incumbent Donald Trump on November 3. Trump himself has no serious internal party competition. The Republicans have therefore canceled their area codes in South Carolina and several other states.

Biden bet on African Americans

In South Carolina, significantly more blacks were able to vote than in the previous primaries in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Biden counted on being able to score with this group of voters.

This hope seems to have been fulfilled. Biden was the vice president of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, the first black president in the United States. In the event of Biden’s defeat in South Carolina, speculation had been reached over the end of his campaign.

Originally started as a favorite

Biden had started as a beacon of hope for moderate Democrats. He had led the national polls for applicants for a long time before he was replaced by Sanders at the top. In the previous primaries, Biden had failed to meet expectations. He’d finished fourth in Iowa, and fifth in New Hampshire.


In addition to Biden and Sanders – who calls himself a democratic socialist – there are five other applicants in the race for the Democratic presidential candidacy: former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (78), ex-Mayor of South Bend (Indiana), Pete Buttigieg ( 38), Senator Amy Klobuchar (59), Senator Elizabeth Warren (70) and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (38).

The billionaire and former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer (62) announced his retirement after finishing third in South Carolina and previously only performing under far away.


Bloomberg gets on Super Tuesday

Bloomberg did not run in South Carolina, as in the previous area codes. The multi-billionaire started the race late and is on the ballot papers for the first time on “Super Tuesday”. President Trump wrote on Saturday night on Twitter that the victory of “sleepy” Joe Biden in South Carolina should be the end of “Mini Mike Bloomberg’s“ campaign joke”.

Buttigieg had a head-to-head race with Sanders at the first area code in Iowa at the beginning of February but had ended up with a little more delegates. In the area code in New Hampshire, Sanders narrowly prevailed against Buttigieg. Sanders, on the other hand, won Nevada with a clear lead over Biden and Buttigieg.