Nothing helped the people of China began to sing. They were sitting in high-rise buildings in Wuhan and were not allowed to leave their homes. The military patrolled the streets, the shops were closed and the hospitals were overcrowded. So people stood at the window and looked at an empty city. Neighbors shouted slogans from a safe distance. 

Someone was singing something. More and more agreed. It was the Chinese national anthem: “Get up! Anyone who doesn’t want to be slaves anymore! Let us build the new walls out of our flesh and blood. China’s people are in dire straits. The last cry of the oppressed sounds: Get up!”

Many Chinese people liked this pathos. Videos of it have been shared on the Internet. The text of the national anthem also seemed to fit the situation somehow. After all, the people of Wuhan had really built a wall with their “flesh and blood”. They were supposed to contain the virus by getting sick when in doubt but spared the rest of the world. Wuhan’s quarantine has not prevented a pandemic but has delayed it. So the world had some time to adjust to the inevitable.

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