28,000 valid signatures for a popular initiative have ensured that the controversial topic “Rummelsburger Sea” makes it into the plenary session in the House of Representatives this Thursday. However, there will be no stop to the development project, as requested by the initiative. The red-red-green coalition had already committed itself to this on Wednesday in the urban development committee.

“The decision on the development plan is legally binding, and nothing can be changed about it,” said the SPD Group’s spokeswoman for construction policy, Iris Spranger. Urban Development Senator Katrin Lompscher (Left Party) also saw no chance of overturning the planning process dating back to the 1990s, which the Lichtenberger district assembly had approved. The senator suggested that regular target checks should be carried out in the event of lengthy planning. At Rummelburg Bay, clearing work, tree occupations, and a police operation had occurred last week.

The popular initiative “A Bay for All” had asked the Senate to initiate a new plan within twelve months, in which the common good has priority over private interests. Development plan XVII-4 “Ostkreuz” had to be stopped until the changes had been clarified. Besides, all built-up and undeveloped areas in the area of ​​the development plan should remain or be the property of the state.


The coalition replies to this with an application that it intends to pass in parliament on Thursday. It states: “We recognize that the planning goals formulated decades ago partially contradict today’s interests of Berlin.” But the development plan is legally binding, changes would be harmful to the state of Berlin. Specifically: a considerable time delay and consider claims for damages. Also, the coalition points out that the plots affected should not be permanently owned by the state due to building law reasons.

No right to permanent use

In the urban development committee, several speakers emphasized that the temporary use of the site has not resulted in any long-term use. However, the application from the SPD, the Left Party, and the Greens also states that the private owners are “under an obligation to provide replacement space for the Rummelsburger Sea and replacement living space for the long-standing residents of the two old buildings on Hauptstrasse and the one behind it To provide car seats. “

The discussion in the committee also revealed conflicts within the coalition. The SPD MP Spranger said that she must disagree when coalition colleagues spoke of “dubious projects”. “I wouldn’t say that,” said Spranger.

Senator Lompscher’s suggestion, in turn, to check the planning goals from time to time, especially in the case of lengthy planning, met with approval from opposition MPs. CDU urban development expert Stefan Evers also spoke out in favor of pushing for a limitation of planning rights at the federal level – which would mean that planning will lapse if the property is not built within a certain period. This could have prevented a development like that in the Rummelburg Bay.


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