The government decree that obliges you to stay indoors is not strict on one point: the ban on visiting parks or walking. So many mayors and governors have taken the initiative and signed ordinances that close green spaces. Checks on beaches and pine forests take place on the Romagna Riviera. Some early citizens, from Matera to Villafranca (in the Verona area), also closed the cemeteries.

The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, in front of the influx of citizens that continues in Sempione park and other green spaces, has ordered the closure of all the fenced parks starting from Saturday 14 March.

In Rome, parks continue to be frequented, but for now, the mayor Virginia Raggi has not enacted restrictive orders.

In Turin, not being able to close the main parks because they are not protected by gates, during the order and public safety committee it was decided to install signs indicating the ban on group activities, with the police in the field for checks. For the moment, however, the mayor Chiara Appendino has not signed an order to close the parks.


In Florence, the first citizen Dario Nardella ordered a stop to walks: “Too many gatherings”. The Municipality is already using around a thousand cameras to identify groups of people in real-time and to fine those who violate the bans. The municipal police patrol the parks and, equipped with megaphones, are signaling the bans to people who persist in frequenting the green spaces.

In Bologna, the mayor Virginio Merola closed 32 city parks: “An obligatory crackdown: too many people did not respect the prohibitions”. In Ravenna, the mayor ordered the closure of the parks, together with the ban on frequenting the maxi pine forest. On the rest of the Romagna Riviera, in Riccione, for example, the controls of the police are tightened to contrast the presence on the beaches.

In Campania, the governor Vincenzo De Luca is directly to launch drastic measures because of too many citizens who walk on the street and ask for the intervention of the Army: An indispensable measure to dissuade the gatherings of people in the area.

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