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Torch relay canceled in Greece As planned for takeover to Tokyo

The Greek Olympic Committee has been concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus since the Tokyo Olympic torch relay started on the 12th, and there were many spectators at the ceremony venue on the 13th. We announced that we cancel. The torch ceremony to be held in Tokyo, the host city of Athens on April 19, will be held as scheduled.

The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay began on the 12th after a fire ceremony took place in Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games in southern Greece.

At the relay, Mizuki Noguchi, a gold medalist for the Athens Olympic Women’s Marathon, was the second runner and ran about 200 meters.


The torch relay in Greece was scheduled to take over in Tokyo, the host city of Athens, on the 19th after eight days.

However, on the 13th, a popular movie actor in Sparta in the south appeared at the ceremony venue, and more spectators gathered than expected. It has been announced that it will be discontinued and the domestic relay will be discontinued thereafter.

The handover of the torch to the host city, Tokyo, which is scheduled to take place in the capital city of Athens on the 19th, is to be carried out as planned without carrying the torch in any way and bringing in the audience.


Also, according to Japanese officials, the torch will arrive in Japan on the 20th as scheduled.

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