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Friday, December 8, 2023
HealthCoronavirus, the latest updates from Italy and the World

Coronavirus, the latest updates from Italy and the World

From tomorrow in the main Italian cities, many parks will be closed: several mayors and governors have decided with ad hoc ordinances, given that on this point the government decree is not stringent and Prime Minister Conte is resisting pressure from the Regions to launch even more measures restrictive. Meanwhile, aid has arrived from China, which has just announced new absolute minimums: only 8 new cases and 7 deaths were recorded on Thursday (bringing the total to 3,176). In Italy, however, according to the latest civil protection bulletin of Thursday 12 March, there are 15,113 cases and 1,016 deaths, with 1,258 healed (over 110,000 worldwide,)

12.50 – Rome, Church “corrects” the decree of closure

The Vicariate “corrects” the decree with which it had closed all the churches of Rome until April 3: “Non-parish churches remain closed for public access general religious buildings of any kind; instead, the parish churches and those which are the headquarters of missions with care of souls remain open”

12.28 – The friendly England-Italy postponed

The British Football Association confirmed it: the game was scheduled for Friday 27 March at Wembley

12.24 pm – Over 5 thousand deaths worldwide
11.46 – The Premier League stops until April 4

The decision was made this morning, during an emergency meeting after several clubs – Arsenal, Chelse, and Everton, at the moment – have placed themselves in quarantine due to the contagion of several players. The three minor leagues of English professional football have also decided to stop.

11.38 am – The mayors also close the parks

( Claudio Bozza ) The government decree that obliges you to stay indoors is not strict on one point: the ban on frequenting parks or walking. So many between mayors and governors have taken the initiative and signed ordinances that close the green spaces.

11:19 am – Towards the reduction of bills throughout 2020

It is one of the hypotheses that the government is considering to give support to families and businesses, with a rule to be included in the new anti-Coronavirus decree and through an intervention on the charges of the system.

11: 13 – Uefa postpones matches next week
These include the remaining second leg matches of the Champions League round of 16 on 18 and 18 March, all the second leg matches of the Europa League round of 19 and all the matches of the Uefa quarterfinals Youth League of 17 and 18. Decisions on recovery dates will be communicated later. The draw for the Champions League and Europa League quarter-finals on 20 March has also slipped, yet to be decided whether to postpone the European Championships.

10: 10- Flight from Malta with repatriated Italians arrived

The Air Malta flight, an Airbus A320 with 169 passengers, made available by the Maltese Government to repatriate the Italians still stuck on the island (several of which are Erasmus students or workers). They are now planning to return to their respective destinations of origin, mostly by train.

10.01 am – Slovenia blocks the entry of lorries from Italy

All vehicles over 3.5 tons with Slovenian license plate and those with Italian license plate can pass only if they are bound for Slovenia and with perishable goods, therefore not in transit.

9:58 am – Lane: ready to act against high spreads

Thus the chief economist of the ECB: We are ready to do more and to adopt all our instruments, if necessary, to ensure that the high spreads we see today, due to the acceleration of the coronavirus, do not jeopardize the transmission of our monetary policy in all Eurozone countries”.

9.54 am – Targetti died, a former cast manager of Scala

Positivo coronavirus was 62 years old and had recently been hospitalized: he died on Thursday 12 March. He was responsible for the singing companies of the Teatro Alla Scala for thirteen years starting in 1997 and then responsible for the international relations of the Academy before returning with the activity of agent with whom he had started his career.

9.33 am – Berlin will close the schools
This was announced by Mayor Michael Mueller: the closure, which will be progressive, will start from next week. Similar measures have also been taken in Bavaria, Lower Saxony, and the Saarland.
9:28 am – Comiso airport closes

Tonight the last flight from the airport of Ragusano to Milan Malpensa made by Ryanair and then the `Pio La Torre´ will stop. To decide the new ministerial decree dictated by the Coronavirus emergency. Comiso is among the 25 airports of the 42 Italians closed “because of the emergency”.

8:59 am – Apple reopens all stores in China

The reopening of the 42 stores more than a month after the closure for the coronavirus epidemic.

7.56 am – Australia, the interior minister positive

Minister Peter Dutton announced it on Twitter, stressing that he is fine.

6.55 am – First death in India

It is a 76-year-old in poor health who had fallen ill after returning from Mecca: there are 74 new cases in the country. The first infection was recorded in French Polynesia, a man who has just returned from Paris, and in Kenya, a man who has returned from the USA.

3.03 am – Canada, the wife of Prime Minister Trudeau

Trudeau positive in the past few hours had announced his self-isolation after Sophie, his wife, had shown symptoms of flu. Trudeau has not yet been tested because it shows no symptoms.

22:47 on Thursday 12 March – flight to China landed in Rome with aid

An Airbus A-350 from China Eastern from Shanghai with a load of aid on board landed at Fiumicino airport: onboard also 9 specialized doctors. They are resuscitators, pediatricians, nurses and figures who managed the emergency in China (here is the map of the infection in Italy).

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