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Interruption amid corona: So it could go on with the Bundesliga

Because of the corona crisis, the ball will rest in the Bundesliga for now. But how should it go on afterwards? Realistically, there are three scenarios of what the DFL could do with this season.

The Bundesliga takes a break until at least April 2 – at least that much seems certain at first. A longer break also seems possible. But how should it go on afterward? Three scenarios of what the DFL, whose 36 clubs will meet in Frankfurt on Monday for advice, could make this season.

Scenario 1: In the event of an EM cancellation, there is time until the end of June

Until June 30, when the players’ contracts end, an attempt could be made to push through the remaining game days. Given the current situation and the rapidity with which the virus is rampant, this seems extremely uncertain. Every single case will ensure that games have to be canceled even after the break. In view of possible further quarantine cases, even the time window until the end of June looks tiny. A return of spectators to the stadiums is currently out of the question.

Scenario 2: Cancellation all season after a cancellation

The previous season and all games since August would have been void, the current standings would have no meaning, there would also be no champions. For example, the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) decided this week. Instead, the same 18 representatives as in the current season would play in the Bundesliga next season, the placement from the penultimate season could be decisive for a European Cup participation in 2021/22.

In view of the fact that the game operations in the third division and in the amateur area are currently discontinued and a regular end of the season seems utopian, this could be the first option. But what would happen to ascent and descent? It would be conceivable – but not self-evident – that the DFL would add 20 teams due to the unique situation.

Scenario 3: Evaluation of the current table after an abort

A cancellation, which does not cancel, but uses the current table, should cause even more displeasure and could result in lawsuits against the DFL. At the moment not even all clubs have the same number of games, in addition, there is a different game schedule and the chance that the clubs will be deprived of force majeure for the remaining canceled season. It seems practically impossible to draw a line here where the DFL is not attacked for arbitrariness.

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