Where does the coronavirus come from?

America and China argue about who is to blame for the Corona outbreak. Beijing threatens to stop delivering medication. This reinforces those Americans who would like to reduce their dependence on Chinese imports anyway.


While the Coronavirus continues to spread to the world, it operates between the United States and China to new political tensions. Above all, this means blaming each other for the outbreak. Members of the American government speak of a “foreign virus”, the “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus” – instead of Sars-CoV-2, as suggested by the WHO.

A Republican senator has helped spread the conspiracy theory that the virus may have come from a Chinese military biochemical laboratory in Wuhan. America’s national security advisor Robert O’Brien accuses Beijing of covering up the outbreak in Hubei province and robbing the world of two months of critical response.

There was no longer any doubt about the origin

In China, on the other hand, the impression is given that the virus may not have come from their own country. A State Department spokesman wrote on Twitter, “Maybe it was the US Army that brought the epidemic to China.” He supports his claim with a video that has been circulating among conspiracy theorists In China for some time. The director of the American Centers for Disease Control said in a hearing that there had been cases in America in which people diagnosed with flu had tested positive for the coronavirus after their death.


In China, the possibility is now derived from this that the pathogen could come from America. Some Chinese forums even claim that the virus is a “biological weapon” from the United States.

Actually there was no longer any doubt about the origin of the virus. China’s state center for disease prevention and control said in January that the source of the virus was wildlife that had been sold at a fish and food market in Wuhan. However, the Beijing government has now moved away from this assessment.

An epidemic said at the end of February, “The epidemic first appeared in China, but it does not necessarily come from China.” The man also tweeted a link to an article that linked the outbreak to an international military military event in Wuhan in October pulled. Delegates from the United States had also attended.

China is still upset that America was the first nation to impose an entry stop for travelers from China and send a plane to the sealed-off city of Wuhan to fly out its own citizens. This has had a negative impact on other countries, it said from Beijing. The Chinese news agency Xinhua even went so far in a comment in early March that it apologized for America.

Obviously, China does not want to live with the blemish of being one of the worst pandemics in human history. And last but not least, it aims to distract from the criticism of its own delayed reaction by pointing to supposed external sources. In the initial phase of the epidemic, the authorities had followed doctors who had warned of the outbreak and suppressed the relevant messages. As a result, the virus only became known to the world weeks later.

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