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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

What happens when you do not have permanent friends and enemies?

What happens when you do not have permanent friends and enemies?What do having good fiends do especially when you are so very much powerful? You can share your issues with them and get these either fixed or guided. You feel not being alone due to them and this widens your social interaction base. Your wisdom is enhanced by them and they cut the shares of your gloom and enhance the intensity of your boom. You may be turned wild by the quanta of extensive power which you possess and the good friends help you keep psychic normalcy with such extreme power paraphernalia and keep stupidity at bay. But what happens when you do not have permanent friends? What happens when your fiends do not trust you? What happens when you make people fall in friendship with you? Well, you become the United States of America!

If there is any cat that has ever come out of the US bag without any premeditated US mechanization, it is Henry Kissinger’s saying that America has no permanent friends, and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. They still lament this having never been said and they shy off this reality as whenever pronounced anywhere and provide piles of justifications apologetically. But this is here and this is reality though it may be one of the very few American nightmares.

America is powerful and power itself is the best and most forceful attractor and deflector. Man and Power have been in this romantic game of thrones from the times of Paradise Lost unto his being Dr. Faustus. The human greed for power in any shape is limitless and this love is less short of infatuation.  If any country befriends with USA, or let’s put it more correctly, if USA befriends any country, this is out of the uneven and imbalanced power equation. It is the kind of friendship which you cannot help not being into. Your choice is of Hobson’s when you are proposed by the USA. You are forced into this love affair and you ‘fall in love’ and it lasts till the sweet will of USA lasts. The other country makes a sketch of all possible human and inhuman consequences of this seasonal friendship to be able to withstand the wrath that will follow the trail of this elemental friendship.

In short, the country being friend to the USA today is all ready to be the immediate enemy tomorrow. Few countries escape the happening of being enemies in the first instance but soon they also turn into becoming close friends and allies. This creates a very interesting scenario as USA commands zero error trust from the befriended state without having to commit any trust in transaction back to it. Further, the satellite state has to be vigilant not to play smart with the US as USA is omnipotent and omniscient. Who remains being the US friend or enemy at the end of the day is Time itself and confusingly Time itself is a composition of illusion. So, if you are USA’s friend, you are in illusion and if you are USA’s enemy, you are in illusion.

The world before USA’s rise was a different world. Once you were a friend, you were a friend by life and death. If you happened to be an enemy, you were an honorable enemy and met out honorably. Trust prevailed in both the streams of relationship be it being friends or be it being enemies. USA brought up a different political trend which according to USA has always been and is still resulting into a success for the America and God has been continuously blessing it.

USA has been on the go of switching between friends and foes in the randomly fashion with close allegiance to its melancholic political and economic interests. Its message to the world is clear that each interacting state with the US, must never assume it will pass safely of the American fury if situation somehow changes or aggravates coinciding with the American interests. The friendly state loses the choice of making any choices in the realm of diplomacy and economics. The state turns into a protectorate under the mighty US friendship. It seizes to be composed of people who are recognized as honorable citizens of that state. In this relationship of queer mazes, there is a lot of confusion, complication, surprise and deception. In this Patent of friendship or enmity, the proprietor has the ultimate say in rescinding the certain patent or extending it to some more time length

One just feels sorry for Dr. Faustus not as how he lived but how he ended with a cold, discarded and lonely end though having immersed into touching the oceanic bottom of power and having resurrected Helen of Troy. Sadly, there is nature strolling at parallel with the human beings. The laws of nature are immutable and irrevocable. Man could alter anything but man would never alter nature. Nature has this supreme law of rise and fall: every rise hath a fall. What would USA be like, if for the sake of argument it witnessed the fall of the rise that it is today? How would USA behave tomorrow when it would lose the attractors and deflectors of Power? Who would be the true American friends then, let alone enemies?

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Pakistani Civil Servant and Socio-Political Analyst. A contributor to The Eastern Herald.

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