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Right-wing extremism: Ministries doubt AfD officials

Officials who are active in the "wing" of the AfD are threatened with a review of their constitutional loyalty. In the case of applicants who are attached to this sub-organization of the party, the official position could be refused.

several federal states, the state governments have doubts about the reliability of AfD officials. What is meant are those civil servants who belong to the so-called wing within the party. This was classified by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a right-wing extremist association. “In principle, activities for the AfD sub-organization, The Wing ‘can give rise to doubts about the constitutional loyalty of an official,” the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior said on request.

The Saxon State Office for the Protection of the Constitution was even sharper in tone: “If an official acts in an extremist effort, he violates the duty of political loyalty under civil service law, which requires him to actively stand up for the free democratic basic order.” The Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of the Interior reminded officials the fact that they have to avoid “already appearing” to have something to do with a group that is “diametrically opposed to the rule of law”. This is true of the AfD “wing”, which violates “all elements of the free democratic basic order, especially the guarantee of human dignity”.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, the Ministry of the Interior stated that civil servants had to “guarantee at all times” that they “committed themselves to the Basic Law through their entire conduct”. When asked whether activity with the “wing” raised doubts about this guarantee, the ministry replied: “Yes.” Thuringian interior minister Georg Maier also said that officials and employees who professed the “wing” would be “disciplinary in individual cases Measures “checked.

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