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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Coronavirus: Rewe is looking for new help for corona

There are no supply problems, says the head of the large German retail chain. And expresses a wish to customers.

high demand due to the coronavirus -Crisis examines the retail chain Rewe with high-pressure new employees. “If you want to work as a temporary worker in our markets, you can apply easily,” said Rewe boss Lionel Souque on Monday. Last but not least, the group hopes for students who currently have nothing to do because of the university closings.

The supply of goods at Rewe and the Group’s discount chain Penny is secured despite the high demand, Souque emphasized. The group had already increased the frequency of goods delivery in the past few days. People could rely on being adequately supplied with food, he promised.

The Rewe boss described false reports about market closings as “cynical and obnoxious”. So far, there have also been no problems with the supply of goods from abroad, although the transport times have been lengthened due to the border controls, the Rewe Group said.

The restrictions imposed in the past few days relate only to the movement of people, not to the movement of goods. The group had also increased the inventory to compensate for possible transport-related fluctuations. “The description of the situation also applies without restriction to the product group ‘Fruit and Vegetables'”, emphasized a Rewe spokesman.

Germany is also heading towards the first harvest of the year for tomatoes or peppers, for example. “The supply of goods is secured,” emphasized the spokesman. “There is enough of everything.” But it would be helpful if the consumers would spread their purchases over the week.

Long lines had formed in Bavarian supermarkets on Monday morning, said Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder. “There is no need to buy hamsters,” he added. The grocery, pharmacies, drugstores, petrol stations, dry cleaners, post office, and DIY stores and garden centers could open on weekdays until 10 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. to ensure basic supplies in Bavaria.

“Should shelves in some product range areas be temporarily empty, our customers can be assured that all colleagues in the markets, in transport logistics and the warehouses work together with great commitment to quickly fill such gaps”, said again Rewe boss Souque.

Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh
Studied humanities in Punjab. Trying to understand Indian Politics. Writing about Technology, Education, Brands, Business, and much more. Contributor at The Eastern Herald, author at Salam News Punjab.

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