Colds: who should really be tested for the corona virus?

Is it just a cold or have I got the coronavirus? Countless Germans are asking themselves this question every time they scratch their throats. These answers help against the uncertainty.

Colds who should really be tested for the corona virus

With the growing number of corona sufferers in Germany, the number of people who were sitting in the same office with them, celebrating their birthday together or doing sports is also increasing. And then they ask themselves: Am I sick now? Others are concerned about a slight cough: maybe I was infected with the coronavirus while shopping, in a pub or in the cinema?

In more and more federal states there are test centers, the lines in front of it make it clear how concerned people are. But some people still get the answer after a long wait: they do not meet the criteria for a test.


You can use the questions to find out for yourself how likely it is that you have become infected and what to do.