Corona epidemic in France We should have stopped everything

It is a confession that, with the curfew imposed in France, leads to outrage. Agnes Buzyn, minister responsible for French health until mid-February, said she saw the “worst health crisis in a century” coming in January. She warned the President and Prime Minister “in vain”, as she says in tears from a reporter for the newspaper “Le Monde”.

Buzyn is a political career changer, for decades she worked as a doctor at the Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris. She instilled confidence in the French, on January 24th she said, “The risk of spreading the coronavirus in the population is very low.” Now she regrets these words, “I should never have said them,” she said. On January 30, she claimed to have warned Prime Minister Edouard Philippe that the Covid 19 epidemic would make it impossible to hold local elections. Then came the sex scandal over Macron’s candidate for the town hall in Paris and suddenly the pressure put on Buzyn to go into the election campaign.  

When she said goodbye to the Ministry of Health, she burst into tears in front of the cameras. The explanation for her crying spell is given in “Le Monde”: she already suspected what France was about to do. “When I left the Ministry, I cried because I knew there was a tsunami wave ahead of us. I knew the elections would not take place, ”she said.

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