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Politics in the Corona Crisis: Home Office for Merkel

The Chancellor has to stay at home for the time being. She had contact with a doctor who tested positive for the new corona virus.

Home: Angela Merkel has to be in quarantine
Home: Angela Merkel has to be in quarantine

Angela Merkel is in quarantine at home. According to the government spokesman, the chancellor was informed after her press appearance on Sunday evening that she had contact with a doctor on Friday, who had meanwhile been tested positive for the coronavirus

The German government actually wanted to take comprehensive measures against the corona pandemic on Monday. Merkel will now probably not attend the cabinet meeting physically but will do so by video or phone. Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is now expected to chair the meeting. 

These are large protective screens for companies, employees and clinics. Extensive changes to the law are planned. The Bundestag is to approve on Wednesday and the Federal Council on Friday. 

The federal government plans a supplementary budget of 156 billion euros for 2020 and wants to draw the emergency rule on the debt brake in order to have more financial scope. Specifically, direct grants are to be decided for small companies, solo self-employed and freelance professions. A program has a volume of up to 50 billion euros. Large companies are to be strengthened with capital through a stabilization fund, and the state should also be able to participate in companies, as in the financial crisis more than ten years ago, if necessary. 

In addition, rent debts from loss of income should not lead to termination. With extended regulations on short-time work, companies should be able to keep employees more easily – instead of sending them into unemployment. Germany’s hospitals are to be supported by more than 3 billion euros. 

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