Ex-world footballer Ronaldinho in jail: donkey with announcement

Brazil's football legend Ronaldinho has turned 40. He spent his birthday in a prison in Paraguay.

Ex-world footballer Ronaldinho in jail: donkey with announcement
Smile arrested: Ronaldinho in the Asunción Palace of Justice in Paraguay Photo: Jorge Saenz / ap

Whoever has the damage, and so on: Ronaldinho is by no means malicious – “he is stupid,” the Folha de Sao Paulo quoted the lawyer of the former world footballer, and because it is a well-known source, you have to do it first leave. At first glance, it is really difficult to make sense of the fact that a still celebrity like him wanted to enter Paraguay with a fake Paraguayan identity card – and has therefore been in prison there for three weeks now. 

Even if he had his legendary crooked teeth straightened long ago: you already know and recognize him quite well. The name, date of birth and place of birth were also correctly specified in the document, which was supposed to be valid until January 7, 2030. Ronaldinho’s relationship with Paraguay, however, was not traditional, and the border guards were also familiar with the law, which stipulates that citizenship should be valid for at least three years Resides in their country. 

So really a donkey – unless you try another explanation: Ronaldinho and his accompanying brother Roberto Assis (about whom no one said he was stupid), had been credibly assured that there would be no problems. 

A tax saving model? 

The story leads to the obscure entrepreneur Dalia Lopez, who hired the soccer star to appear in favor of a children’s initiative for her Christian foundation: the photo on the fake ID is the same one that she had previously used on the associated advertising flyers. According to his lawyers, Lopez and her Brazilian liaison had lured the Assis brothers with the idea of ​​starting a company in Paraguay and thus saving taxes. 

The authorities suspect that the alleged benefactor is involved in tax evasion, money laundering and possibly drug trafficking. The determination of Ronaldinho belongs in the context of this investigation and can be understood as a warning signal to the corrupt people in the country that they no longer have free conduct. Lopez is currently in an unknown position and has declared himself unable to provide information due to corona anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension. In this respect, the lawyer may already be right: what Ronaldinho has gotten himself into, he should not have an overview of in detail. 

Casual and free-spirited 

His crooked teeth once stood for boundless serenity. Ronaldinho was something like the Anti-Beckham in the 2000s – beauty did not have to be stylized for him, it came from within. Casual and free-spirited, the last representative of the Brazilian “Futebol-Arte”. Pirouettes and passes, tip-kick goals, free kicks under the wall: for a few years the illusion lived that this sport could be even more art than a body in the high-tech age. 

In his heyday at FC Barcelona, ​​Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Bernabeu even applauded the fans of arch-rival Real – such an expression of respect was not even given to Lionel Messi, and Instagram hedonist Neymar has so far been just a copy. 

After his world football awards in 2004 and 2005, Ronaldinho soon lost the big drive, but never the laugh. He just loved to show it at night. Suddenly he couldn’t get past his opponent, the sport doesn’t work without a body, and for the last few years until his official career ends in 2018, he just kicked and whipped around.

But such a curve is almost a good thing for Brazilian stars. Ronaldo even landed with transvestites during his legendary debauchery – today he is businessman and owner of the Spanish first division club Real Valladolid. Romário used to say inactive times in Spain: “The night was always my girlfriend: I went out the day before yesterday, yesterday too, I will go out today and the same way next week” – today he is a politician, currently as a senator for the state of Rio de Janeiro Janeiro. 

Ronaldinho is a mascot. His brother – manager as a substitute for his father, who died early – gave him up to everyone and everything. Often bizarre, like his cameo as a police officer in a reality show on the Persian Gulf, sometimes with flavors: During Brazil’s last presidential election campaign, Ronaldinho participated in a hobby kick of a department store chain for almost EUR 200,000, the owner of which is close to right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro. Two days later, Ronaldinho called on social networks to vote for Bolsonaro, today’s president

In the grip of the brother 

Perhaps as a thank you, the state tourism authority appointed him Brazilian destination ambassador last year. This caused astonishment: Ronaldinho (and his brother) didn’t even have a Brazilian passport at the time. He had been deprived of them because for years they had refused to pay various penalties totaling over 1.5 million euros for illegal construction of a nature reserve. 

They also got a trial on suspicion of fraud by a cryptocurrency (“Ronaldinho Soccer Coin”). But his voluntary service apparently exerted the desired pressure on the judiciary. The brothers received their papers back at the end of last year. Perhaps they should have let it go as far as identification matters go. 

Your current home is now on the outskirts of the capital Asuncion. In the special prison, ex-dictator Stroessner once tortured opposition figures, now criminals, in particular, are sitting in pinstripes. The arrival of the world star caused so much enthusiasm that the facility management even arranged meetings with relatives of other inmates. Soon Ronaldinho kicked the futsal games between guards and prisoners, there are videos of it. He conjured up and rejoiced as ever. 

After a visit, former Paraguayan national team captain Carlos Gamarra said that Ronaldinho said: “I come from below, I know the suffering and I have to endure it now. I’m only worried about my mother. ”However, the media recently reported a subdued mood. He celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday, but because of Corona, there is not much going on in prison now. He is said to have spent most of the time in the cell with his brother. Even Ronaldinho seems to be laughing away. 


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