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Springer boss Dopfner on corona crisis: land of smiles

Springer boss Mathias Dopfner speaks up during the crisis - and also publishes the article on the controversial blog “Axis of Good”.

Springer boss Dopfner on corona crisis: land of smiles
Thanks to Corona: Mathias Dopfner has more time Photo: Christoph Hardt / future image / imago

Now it has happened again: The boss himself announces in his own paper how he sees the world and what has to happen now. Before we get into a misunderstanding here: No, it’s not about the Berlin publishing house and the Friedrichs. 

It’s about Springer’s world and Mathias Dopfner. Thanks to Corona, he also has more time and a few more worries than usual, which he cast in a good 10,000 characters. “I’m afraid we’re committing democratic suicide for fear of dying,” he writes in all seriousness. This only allows the conclusion that Springer’s CEO is currently doing an internship Bild – with an extra course “meaningful murmur” with Franz Josef Wagner. 

“When the head of the Robert Koch Institute said that the massive restrictions in everyday life could take two years, I lost confidence (…). Anyone who thinks this must not be the government’s most important compass” writes Dopfner, and that this“ almost unlimited power seems to be without alternative ”. Because these are all “experts without the mandate of the voters”.

Exactly that is what defines the Expert * interior, but that has probably just replaced Dopfner. Decisions are still being made, especially by politicians elected in Germany. But with this doubt about the system, Dopfner braced himself for the carts of those who declared war on this system. Like Henryk M. Broder’s “Axis of Good” for example. Hopefully, he now asks himself why the Springer boss has now released his contribution there for a second publication.

Big cinema 

For everyone who doesn’t feel like 333 lines of Dopfner: Of course he gets the curve and then writes clever stuff. Dopfner rightly opposes the demand that the media should now ensure solidarity and unity, “But the mission of journalists shouldn’t change in the crisis either. Especially not then. You should continue to doubt and question. Now not only solidarity and community spirit are needed, but also criticism. And above all, diversity of information and opinions. We don’t need central government propaganda, but a competition of critical intelligence. ”

In the end, there is a big cinema a la Franz Josef Wagner: When everything is over, we should greet each other as we did in Thailand. So put your hands together. Slight bow. Smile.

“I really want to smile. Especially in Germany, ”wrote Dopfner. “There are no people who laugh a little as the Germans. Maybe Corona will make us smile. When it’s over. A smile of gratitude. “Sincerely,…

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