UK Corona Emergency Law: “Stay Home!”

In the corona crisis, Boris Johnson is now announcing a restriction of social contacts. Only burials remain allowed.

Dangerous job in Corona times: bus driver in London Photo: Dylan Martinez / reuters

Actually, all of the UK- announced distance measures due to Sars-CoV-2 should stick to the previous week, but by Monday morning at the latest, it had become clear that repeated weekend appeals had only a moderate effect. Images of crowded subway wagons circulating out of London circulated and some people pretended to be on vacation, such as climbing mountains in Snowdonia, Wales. 

This should be over since Monday evening. After an exceptional television speech by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK is now fully joining the global trend of more restrictive measures. “I have a very simple instruction for everyone: stay at home,” asked Johnson. Everyone is involved in the fight against the disease and everyone has to contribute to protecting the healthcare system.  


Until Monday afternoon in London open barbershops, families on playgrounds, people on basketball and tennis courts and young people in droves on bicycles were sighted, all playgrounds, sports fields, and many parks are now closed. All meetings among people, including services, baptisms, and weddings can no longer take place. Only funerals are allowed, Johnson said – a bitter hint of what is likely to happen not only in Britain. 

As in the Federal Republic of Germany, in Great Britain, only a maximum of two people or people from the same household can now be together. Britons are only allowed to leave their homes for good reason. Once a day from their apartments and houses to do sports or to go for a walk with dogs, but only in strict compliance with the distance rules. They are also allowed to shop for essential things like medicine, food and animal feed, as well as post and money services. 

But all the other shops are closed to the public. If you can, you should order online. Hotels and libraries have also been closed since Tuesday, as have pubs and restaurants. Funeral services are excluded. Only those who cannot work from home should use public transport. Construction sites can therefore continue. 

As of Thursday, an emergency law, which is currently being discussed in parliament, is to put these measures into law and give the security forces the necessary legal powers to take action against people who do not abide by them. Think of fines, it said. However, the London police said they wanted to work without punitive measures for the time being. 


The opposition in Parliament welcomed the measures, but former Conservative Secretary of Health Jeremy Hunt complained that they were too late to prevent Italian conditions in Britain. 

Shortly before the Prime Minister announced his actions on Monday evening, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab called on the roughly one million Britons who are still traveling abroad and who are permanently resident in the UK to return home immediately before there are none Flights more there.

However, this is already the case in countries such as Peru in South America or Sierra Leone in West Africa. The UK Department of State works 24 hours a day to organize the return and support of stranded Britons.