AfD: Hocke calls for the cessation of “wing” activities

Thuringia's AfD leader complies with the demand of the party leadership: In a Facebook post, he calls for the end of the "wing" activities. The political effort should continue.


It is now official: The “wing” in the AfD, which the Constitutional Protection Service classifies as right-wing extremists, meets the demands of the party leadership for dissolution. “We urge everyone who feels they belong to the community of interest to cease their wing activities by April 30,” wrote leading “wing” representatives Bjorn Hocke and Andreas Kalbitz, the AfD heads of state of Thuringia and Brandenburg.

In the letter to the “Friends of the Wing” published on Facebook on Tuesday evening, it is said that it is fundamentally impossible to resolve what does not formally exist. “”In order to maintain the unity of the party and not to jeopardize the project of a political alternative for Germany, Bjorn Hocke and Andreas Kalbitz have decided to comply with this wish (the party’s top).”


The Office for the Protection of the Constitution had declared the “wing” to be an object of observation. He classifies it as an extreme right-wing effort. The group is considered a powerful network within the party. In a decision, the AfD federal executive had asked for a statement that the informal association “Flugel” would dissolve by April 30.

In the letter from “Flugel” founder Hocke and Kalbitz, it says: “Flugel” was “a reliable compass” especially in the early years of the AfD and “saved the party from being too carelessly adapted to the established forces”. “Any form of organization can only be a means to an end. The political effort continues and demands all our strength. ”