Corona: The last moment when the infection explosion can be suppressed.

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Koike said on Thursday that 40 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo,

Corona the-last-moment-when-the-infection-explosion-can-be-suppressed

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Koike said on Thursday that 40 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, and said, This is the last-minute phase in which the explosion can be suppressed. ” He called on the government to take measures not to spread the infection, such as by refraining from unnecessary and urgent outings.

In Tokyo, it was confirmed that 40 new people were infected with the new coronavirus on the 27th, and this has exceeded 40 for the third consecutive day.


At a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Koike said in a press conference, “I can confirm once more that this is an important phase of the explosive increase in infections and whether overshoot will occur. This is a phase of crisis. ”

He said, “I want you to share awareness of the crisis and take appropriate actions. We want to work in concert with neighboring prefectures and work hard to prevent the spread of infection.”

Also, regarding the meaning of “unnecessary urgency”, “whether or not it is useless on that day. I think that people who are going to hospitals are in need, and going to supermarkets and convenience stores to buy daily necessities I want them to be organized on their own and judge if they are unnecessary or urgent. ”

He also said that cherry blossoms will be blooming next year as well, so we look forward to next year and hope that everyone will cooperate to overcome the difficulties until then.


Governor Koike calls on young people to refrain from going out

Governor Koike responded to an interview with TEH on the evening of the 27th, saying that people who are unaware of being infected with the virus may be densely spread and spread unnecessary infection, especially to young people. I called for it.

In this, Governor Koike said, “It is on the brink of whether the number of infected people will increase further. I would like to ask for your cooperation in order to do so. ”


In addition, he said, “Without knowing whether young healthy people have the virus at all, there is a tendency for the infection to spread if the three conditions of crowding and closely meeting in a closed space such as a live house overlap,” He urged young people to refrain from going out of their way.

Also, as for what “unnecessary urgency” means, it is “one of the divisions whether it is useless or not for the day. It is necessary for a sick person to go to a medicine and see a doctor. That is to say, buying daily necessities is also an outing with a “must”.


He spoke at a press conference the other day using the words “lockdown” = “blocking the city”. The longer we ask, the longer we will suffer, so we want to get your help in the shortest possible time to overcome this difficult situation. ”

Minister for Economic Revitalization, Nishimura

Minister Nishimura, Minister for Economic Revitalization, told the reporters after the Advisory Committee, “I shared a very strong sense of crisis regarding the situation in Tokyo with experts from the Advisory Committee. I would like to ask you again to refrain from going out, especially if you are young people.