How AI and Big Data Can Help To Extenuate The Coronavirus Pandemic?

How AI and Big Data Can Help To Extenuate The Coronavirus Pandemic?
Coronavirus: How Artificial Intelligence, Data Science And Technology Is Used To Fight The Pandemic ADOBE STOCK

Coronavirus outbreak has become a global cataclysm, leaving Thousands of dead, Millions vulnerable, supply lines crumpled, economy going to be derailed, factories shunted and cities under lockdown. It is an unanticipated urgency of epic arrangements that have exposed human fragility in the globe.

From Wuhan to 192 countries, the pandemic has spanned the globe and now exceed 558,357. Travel limitations and closed boundaries have been put in place to halt the pandemic virus.

China almost recovered from the deadly virus by marshaling resources at Its disposal and settling of the latest technology, where the Coronavirus dawned first and has been the most acute hit by the pandemic. Technology played a vital role in China, Japan, and South Korea in defeating Coronavirus.


From AI infrared thermostats and surveillance Skies to robots and AI Chat Bots, new technology is accommodating china and some other countries to fight the epidemic.

China managed to develop an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that provides a helpful tracking outbreak, diagnosis of coronavirus patients. Alibaba Group and other tech giants in China made millions of AI Test kits to diagnose Coronavirus, which is 96% accurate as per WHO ( World Health Organization).

As Coronavirus developed person to person, The Beijing based robotics company CloudMid, sent robots and drones to Chinese hospitals to reduce the number of staff required to run the facility such as delivering foods and medicine to patients and also to spray the entire hospital to disinfecting the vulnerable areas. Furthermore, According to Forbes, they used drones for providing medicine to locals as there were complete lockdown and telemedical assistance at home to treat other patients apart from patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Moreover, this pestilence has given the Chinese state a perfect reason to drag out its extensive surveillance method. However, such expansive data-collection using Big Data created to detect more patients who are suspected, and that’s how china defeat Coronavirus with technology in quick time, which is appreciable where the countries like Italy and America even the whole world including Pakistan, India, and Iran struggling to make excellent surveillance arrangements to fight with the pandemic but they should learn from China.

The Globe is on a critical coronavirus trajectory. It needs to take quick, striking and clear-headed steps to protect the country, as there is no breathing space, and the number of verified cases in Italy, America, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Iran, India, and Afghanistan rose to a critical level.

Battling a pandemic as COVID-19 requires extreme maneuvers, strong leadership, and public-health officials have turned to some of the most avant-garde approaches. It is pertinent to state here that all countries had sealed the borders to contain the spread of the novel virus.

The key to Frostproof response endures in the whole world including South Asia looking beyond centuries-old approaches and fusing methods that are familiar to nearly Lockdowns, social isolation, and curfews, which isn’t affecting as people are not taking this pandemic seriously. Hence, all the states develop an efficient environment by setting off technological devices to control the situation.

Innovation is enhancing to the extreme level and nearly to cross human intelligence and solely changed the way we care the infectious people. Technology played a vital role throughout fighting the pandemics whether It is Ebola or the Zika outbreaks prediction.

China tackled the situation without panic using technology and innovations, which is a practical approach towards public health. Other countries, where the condition is more critical, should follow china’s footsteps to control the situation of anarchy by using new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Drones and Robotics.

As we’ve seen in the new deathwatch of pandemics and disasters, Artificial Intelligence played a significant role in mitigating the threat. Deep learning models can work to gather all the formulas of old and new drugs that might be effective to cure Coronavirus. AI Robotics will help to disinfect the vulnerable areas of hospitals, quarantines, and also the field hospitals, so we can stop this spread, as they are helping China, Japan, and South Korea to disinfect their imperiled places.

We can turn this whole thing up by applying artificial intelligence, big data, and deep learning by pattering the data of coronavirus patients from where they belong, where they work, and what bus stations they used recently after feeling the symptoms, so we can develop a QR Code system or rolled out a tracker system by collecting data from patients for other users to get information whether they have been closed contact with someone infected and what precautionary measure they should follow after getting informed by the system for further screening.

Even Drones, enabled by technology as the World is on complete interim and some countries impose curfew to control the situation. However, drones are playing their part in such a riotous case by delivering medicine to people around quarantined places or in most vulnerable areas, so we can multiply this use to undertake the situation without compromising many human lives, as drones are faster than ambulances within cities.

Furthermore, fighting with a pandemic, the doctors, law enforcement agencies and media reporters are on the frontline to defeat Coronavirus, so with the help of technology, we can produce the advance face masks and gloves with antiviral and antibacterial agents that could be more effective than washable and disposable gears as two Israeli start-ups are currently working to provide more effective protective gear so that doctors can do their duties without any reluctance and fear.

For more ease, Health Advisors should also create a volunteer team of doctors to start telemedical assistance and AI Chatbots, which can assist other patients apart from Coronavirus, so, they can avoid redundant OPD visits for minor infirmities or illness and do not burden the hospital staff.

Intrinsically, the war with novel coronavirus will never over until we find any vaccine to cure, which is time taking and not a piece of cake to invent in a day or month, but developing new patterns or exemplars, which can not only speed up the process but also help us to fight against coronavirus pandemic and to slow down the accelerating pace of virus.


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