Is Corona our next evolution level?

Human Evolution, Is Corona our next evolution level, Charles Darwin

It would take us considerable time to clean the world of corona and perhaps we might well be living with it forever. Corona has brought us back Marcopolo’s never-ending world which is as huge once more as it was centuries back. The time travelers from the past would find a lot of homogeneity in today’s world with that of theirs. Global Village has changed in a few months at acceleration higher than ever in the modern history of human evolution. The wild free bird of social animal is caged in dark now and what sensual transformation he would undergo is a super scientific puzzle. Are we stepping into the next human type of habitat? Is corona asking us to adapt to new life forms and change the ways and means we used to live? Is corona transpiring itself as a link to our next level of human evolution? Has not corona changed human life for good?

The most feared wreckage Man could remember in his recent memory was the havoc stirred up by World War II which was the visible destruction of concrete structures and loss of human lives by known methods. The concrete structures were rebuilt from the base and the Europe which was rendered stock of ashes was once more raised to the level of hi-tech cities. But this time, the wrath of nature or as conspiracy theorists have it the human mayhem of engineering life is a shock which is neither manageable at the moment nor do we see any recourse in the near future. It is death who is winning in this corona game while Man mourns it in a state of extreme helplessness. Thousands are dead, hundreds die every day and hundreds of thousands of getting infected while the whole of humanity is in a state of house arrest. Mother planet is becoming a lonely sick planet.


How will the corona end? One is a miracle and the other is science, who are both brothers to each other with a miracle being the elderly one. Miracle happening has a long history of interference with the specie of the Homo sapiens. How life originated was out of a miracle only to be later explained in detail by science but science could never satisfy how and why life originated in the first place. Science, therefore, recognizes Miracle as some metaphysical force. For a miracle to happen would be that corona cases will halt further spread over, stop infecting more people and do away causing any further human loss. Since miracles cannot be comprehended so we don’t need to look into hows and whys of this scenario. It will just happen in a miraculous way.

The other way is the science-way which begins with the invention of the anti corona vaccine. Assuming that happens, how difficult that still would be to control and eradicate coronavirus is more challenging especially in the developing countries which the world is mostly composed of. Statistics, comprehension levels, containment strategies, standard operating procedures, intellect levels let us say human beings differ drastically in the developed to the developing world. when the degrees of perceiving and convening a joint human threat differ so widely under social, cultural, national and religious impressions, the mechanism to meet out the challenge in the developing and developed world will be utterly compromising which in effect will be emboldening the coronavirus itself supplying it more protective multi-lipid layers.

Who are actually infected and where are they located in what numbers with what living standards are intractable questions. Chasing this virion and giving it the doze of extinction in the world we live in will be just short of being impossible. Being severely contagious, it will remain highly frequent in nature if not given the extinction doze. What would be the holistic framework of attending the coronavirus should an antiviral vaccine surface needs impeccable planning at the global level under the World Health Organization which has the global reach and understanding of conditions in all the countries. What would be protocols to inject the antiviral vaccine and who should get it? Whether the people who are infected with the virus should also get injected with the vaccine will also need serious thinking alongside other medical protocols. Would the vaccine be equally efficacious on all unequally infected people with complex health histories and conditions is to be pondered? The angle of supply chain management remains another point of concern. Should every country be allowed to operate its own procedures in corona containment and eradication, there will potential chances of corona showing up again.

What are the chances and assurances that we will be able to clean up our environment of zero corona traces? Is corona the factor like Chernobyl that will remain with us for quite some time? What about the quarantined centers which will remain depositories of coronavirus remains if not thoroughly cleaned up? Will anyone like to shake hands again or touch anything in the man-made environment? From bats to pangolins and then to human beings, Corona has by now picked up an understanding of how the mysterious human cell functions which increase more horrific existential threats to human life let alone the independent human evolution mastery of viruses themselves. We might not be just facing a virus namely corona but it might be something happening with human evolution. We need Darwin to decode it.

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