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Chamber demands charge bonus for nursing staff

Chamber demands charge bonus for nursing staff
A nurse pushes a hospital bed down a hallway. Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa / Symbolbild (Image: dpa) (Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa / Symbolbild)

Trier / Mainz – The President of the State Nursing Chamber in Rhineland-Palatinate, Markus Mai, has demanded a burden bonus for all nursing staff in the Corona crisis of at least 500 euros. Nurses who have been shown to suffer from the lung disease Covid-19 should also receive another 500 euros, said Mai on Monday to volksfreund.de, the Internet site of the «Trierische Volksfreund».

“These nurses not only have a high burden like everyone else, but also an increased risk.” With such government bonus payments, the company can show the nursing staff genuine appreciation. “It would show that she not only applauds but actually honors the work of the nurses.”

The bonuses should be tax-free and free of social security contributions, Mai demanded. So that «the money also reaches the people who are currently ensuring that the health system is maintained».

The state should pay the bonuses so that the already heavily financially burdened facilities would not be further burdened. Retail companies that paid their sellers corresponding bonuses could recoup this through their sales. That would not work in care facilities without ultimately burdening residents with higher costs, said Mai.

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