In times of the corona virus, respiratory masks become a sought-after commodity
In times of the corona virus, respiratory masks become a sought-after commodity. (dpa / Sergei Grits)

The coronavirus causes exceptional conditions worldwide. From China, the pathogen initially spread primarily to Europe. Italy and Spain were particularly hard hit. Now, however, the USA is increasingly becoming the focus. President Donald Trump now said that there would be at least 100,000 deaths in his country due to the novel coronavirus.

Many countries have already responded with exit restrictions and other measures. The procurement of medical materials, such as respirators, and protective clothing, such as respiratory masks, is also becoming increasingly important. Especially with the latter, there is a bidding process in which the highest bidder seems to be winning.


Due to the increasingly tense situation in the USA, however, according to the world report, buyers from the United States would also increasingly appear on the world market. Accordingly, they try to outbid the bids of European customers compared to Asian manufacturers.

Coronavirus: prices for respirators explode

Clinics and other facilities have recently complained repeatedly about an acute lack of protective equipment, which is necessary for the treatment and care of corona patients. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) admitted last week that the procurement of protective equipment was not easy.

According to the left faction leader Amira Mohamed Ali, the prices for respiratory masks rose by up to 3000 percent. It brought about the confiscation of masks. However, the coveted masks would first have to be in Germany.

Corona masks: Germany is taking new approaches to procurement

In view of the acute shortage of protective masks and gowns, the German government is now looking to accelerate the procurement of materials in the coronavirus crisis. The Ministry of Health started a so-called open house procedure, the world reported on Sunday. Since no negotiations take place with this procedure, the business can be processed faster.

According to the report, companies that respond to the offer must deliver at least 25,000 pieces of one of the two products, guarantee a minimum standard and be responsible for the delivery. The ministry offers “fair, fixed prices for everyone who supplies us with protective masks and gowns from home and abroad”.

Fight for masks: US buyers outbid offers from Europe

In Germany, Markus Soder is currently rushing ahead. He has now placed an order for Bavaria to procure one million anesthesia masks – cost: 8.9 million euros.


As the world reports, industry insiders evaluate this step so that Soder now wants to buy as quickly as possible what is still available on the market. Especially since Austria’s Chancellor had just announced that he wanted to buy large quantities of protective masks because wearing masks in supermarkets is now mandatory.