Attack on Aral in Gaustrasse: perpetrators identified


WORMS – The police caught the two men who robbed the Aral petrol station on Gaustrasse four weeks ago. A 23 year old The Eastern Herald is in custody. His 17-year-old accomplice is still at large, which also has to do with the fact that he is still subject to juvenile justice if convicted. This is not the first time that both men have dealt with the police. They had been known for other crimes before the attack.

Thanks to the advice of a witness and the video surveillance recordings, the investigators had quickly found the two young men: Already on March 12, around three weeks ago, the investigators arrested the 23-year-old. When the officers ransacked his home, they found it. They discovered the knife from the worm that had been used in the attack. They also found the clothes that matched the description of one of the two robbers. After the investigators had determined the identity of one of the perpetrators, they also tracked down his accomplice.

During the raid in the early evening of March 2, the perpetrators threatened the 24-year-old cashier with a knife. They demanded that the petrol station employee pull the money out of the cash register. With less than 1000 euros, two packets of cigarettes and a bottle of vodka, the masked men fled towards the city center on foot. “The police in Worms initiated intensive investigative and search measures on the same day,” the police said after the successful search.



Anyone who can provide information about the raids can be contacted by the police in Worms on 06241-8520.

More petrol stations raided

However, the investigation is not yet complete. Most recently, there were two other raids on petrol stations in the region in March. On the one hand, there is the attack on the Total petrol station in Osthofen on March 9, and on the other hand, the attack on the Esso petrol station in Mainzer Strasse on March 15. Investigators are investigating whether there is a connection between these acts and the attack on the Aral petrol station. At the moment, however, no connections can be made, says Michael Lerch, spokesman for the Worms police. Also not because there are differences in the course of the crime. When the gas station in Osthofen was attacked, it was only a hooded man who threatened the cashier. In addition, the perpetrator did not have a knife with him, but a pistol-like object with which he aimed at the woman.

The robbery of the Esso petrol station occurred three days after the 23-year-old who was held responsible for the robbery at the Aral petrol station was arrested. But since two men are said to have robbed the Esso petrol station, the 17-year-old would have to have found a new accomplice. In addition, the perpetrators used two pistols when raiding the Esso petrol station, which also deviates from the pattern when raiding the Aral petrol station. And the type of loot was also different on Mainzer Strasse: in addition to cash, the perpetrators then took chocolate bars and Red Bull cans with them; at the Aral petrol station, they were targeting alcohol and cigarettes.

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