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Crisis summit on the future of Italian football postponed

Rome – The crisis meeting in Italian football scheduled for Monday about the uncertain future of the interrupted season and possible wage cuts has been postponed.

The discussions between the football union AIC and the Serie A clubs about measures in the face of the Corona crisis could not take place as planned. According to the ANSA news agency, a previous meeting of both parties led to a postponement. A new appointment was not given.

“There is concern that the leagues are over,” said AIC President Damiano Tommasi. One has to face the problem of the end of the season “taking into account the sporting results and contracts”.

In Italy, there are still twelve Serie A matches and the cup semi-final; five Italian teams take part in European club competitions. The last Serie A game so far took place on March 9th – without spectators. The Italian government wants to extend the strict exit restrictions for the 60 million citizens due to the Corona crisis until at least Easter. So far, the exit bans were valid until next Friday. They started about three weeks ago, on March 10th.

Record champions Juventus Turin recently agreed on a four-month salary cut due to the loss of revenue from players and coaches. Together, that’s around 90 million euros.

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