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Emergency care at daycare centers and schools also during the holidays

If parents cannot take care of their children for professional reasons, emergency care is also provided during the Easter holidays. The school inspectorate of the ADD called on teaching and pedagogical staff to volunteer for it, as the Ministry of Education announced in Mainz on Tuesday. This decision had been coordinated with all parties involved. Anyone who takes care of emergency care on a daily basis during the Easter holidays can apply for lesson-free compensation days in the coming school year.

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“I would like to expressly thank all of those who are currently keeping our society going,” said Education Minister Stefanie Hubig (SPD). Those who provide emergency care at schools and daycare centers make “a very decisive contribution to our community in overcoming the current crisis”.

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The teachers’ union GEW supported the Minister of Education’s call to volunteer for emergency care during the Easter holidays. Relatives of risk groups and employees who have to take care of children themselves or have to take care of relatives should be exempt, said GEW state chairman Klaus-Peter Hammer.

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