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Eunice Beckmann: Women’s football needs more attention

Berlin – Soccer player Eunice Beckmann from Bundesliga club 1. FC Koln would like more attention to women’s football in Germany.

In her opinion, the easiest way is that established men’s Bundesliga clubs invest in women’s teams. There are still a few men’s clubs that do not yet have a women’s team, such as Dortmund or Schalke. If something happened there, it would also look better overall, “she told the” Tagesspiegel “.

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With the sums of sponsors in pure women’s clubs, it is probably difficult, according to the 28-year-old Beckmann, to push something bigger. “If a little more was done for women’s football, more money would also be made there.” The former FC Bayern Munich player would like it if there were soccer jerseys in the shops. “Or if pictures of us soccer players could be seen more often in stadiums.”

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Overall, however, a positive development can be seen and the situation is better compared to 10 or 20 years ago. “It always depends on whether the board members in the clubs believe in women’s football or not. The money has been there in football so far, it only needs individual people who are committed, “said the Wuppertal native.

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