Harry, Meghan – and now Megxit 2?


    London (TEH) – Goodbye, Harry and Meghan! The British prince and his wife finally carry out the “Megxit”. On Tuesday they finish their work as full-time royals.

    From April onwards, they waived the title “Royal Highness” and no longer performed official duties for the royal family. They temporarily lived in Canada with their son Archie, and are now said to be in Los Angeles. Their withdrawal is taking place under the worst possible circumstances: the corona pandemic, the abuse scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and the aftermath of Brexit – the United Kingdom has seen much better times.
    Why California now? According to British media, Harry (35) and Meghan (38) want to avoid having to pay taxes in both the United States and Canada. “This move had been planned for some time,” the tabloid “Sun” quoted an unspecified Royal expert and spoke of a “Megxit 2”. They would have found a new home near Hollywood. Meghan grew up in Los Angeles with his film studios, where her mother also lives. Both have a very good relationship with each other.
    US President Donald Trump sent a message to the young family via Twitter, which cannot be interpreted as a welcome greeting: “Now they have left Canada for the USA, but the USA will not pay for their security protection. You have to pay! ” A spokeswoman for the couple immediately said on Monday, according to the British news agency PA, that there are already privately financed security measures for the small family.
    Harry and Meghan had already announced in January that they would partially withdraw from their royal duties and want to become “financially independent”. Later they agreed with the royal family on a clear break. The “Sussex Royal” brand, which they have used since their wedding, is also disappearing – this should have given them a particularly violent blow because the famous brand would have guaranteed them substantial income.
    It is speculated that it could drive Meghan back into the film industry. After all, she played a role as a legal assistant in the US series “Suits” for years and is said to have made it a multimillionaire. At least she is now the voice actress in the Disney documentary “Elephant”, which will be released on the streaming channel Disney + next Friday. But the job is only for a good cause. Her fee goes to an organization for the protection of elephants.
    Another rumor goes around: They supposedly want to make money from lectures. Meghan is considered to be very well networked in North America – in the film industry and among politicians. Harry also has good international relationships. That could pave the way for them.
    “They are as busy as they have always been,” the news agency PA quoted an unspecified source from the area around the two. They are said to have already laid the foundation for a global organization that is not profit-oriented and is based in North America. But there are no details yet.
    The money earned in any case must be enough for the elaborate lifestyle of the couple. Chic wardrobes, regular flights to the UK, a nice place to live – that costs.
    At the beginning of March, the two were on a kind of farewell tour in London. The British media overflowed with hymns of praise for the stylish clothing and the confident appearance of the ex-actress – Hollywood-style, many observers said. Body mime experts, on the other hand, believed that they discovered some embarrassing gestures insensitive Harry. Harry’s grandmother, the Queen, wants to have it checked in a year to make sure everything is going in an orderly fashion.
    Not only worries about her grandson Harry and his small family weigh on the 93-year-old. The involvement of her second son Andrew (60) in the abuse scandal surrounding the late US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the coronavirus pandemic are also affecting her. Her eldest son Charles (71) also infected the pathogen. In the meantime, the heir to the throne has been released from self-isolation. The pandemic has changed a lot since Harry’s and Meghan’s last appearance in London about three weeks ago on Commonwealth Day. The streets are swept empty.
    The Queen, like Prince Philip (98), is considered highly endangered due to her old age; the couple retreated to Windsor Castle. Harry and Meghan give courage to everyone affected by the pandemic thousands of kilometers away on Instagram and give advice: “Now we need each other more than ever.” This probably does not only affect the British people. Mutual encouragement also applies to the two of them with a view to their uncertain future.

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