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Home visits are punishable by hairdressers

Rhine-Neckar.“Since all hairdressing salons are currently closed, I am urgently looking for a hairdresser who can also style my hair at home,” wrote a user on eBay classifieds in the middle of the week. Another post: “Looking for a hairdresser who makes home visits – would also pay a good price.”

Salvatore Jaci, senior master of the hairdressers’ guild in Mannheim, is horrified by such requests: “What is happening right now is sometimes borderline.” It is not for nothing that hairdressing salons have closed: “It is not just about protecting ourselves, but also about protecting ourselves Protect customers from infection, ”says Jaci. Customers in his salon also asked for home visits.

“Uncertainty and fear of existence”

The majority of the news is worded very nicely, but hairdressers also have to reject it. “It cannot be denied that this is psychologically stressful for us. We are already under great pressure both privately and commercially, ”said Jorg Fahn.

“Uncertainty and fear of existence are particularly palpable in the hairdressing industry,” wrote a hairdresser in a Facebook post, for example, and criticized some customers’ questions about private appointments. “Do not stir up people’s fears and do not put them under pressure with their fear of the future,” the post continues.

“The majority of customers are very understanding,” says Jorg Fahn. They are often concerned and would offer support on their own, for example by buying vouchers and helping the hairdressers financially in the transition phase. “They want their hairdresser to be there even after the crisis,” explains Fahn. Salvatore Jaci also reports great solidarity: In view of the crisis, he had to cancel a series of appointments. “The majority of customers understood.”

Both Jaci and Fahn appeal to their colleagues not to give in to requests for home visits or private appointments. “It’s punishable,” said Jaci. Jurgen Gergely, a lawyer at the Mannheim Chamber of Crafts, agrees. At the beginning of the week, hairdressers inquired at the Chamber of Crafts inquiring about the legal situation during home visits – Gergely could not yet give a binding answer.

In the meantime, the situation is clear: on Tuesday the state of Baden-Wurttemberg adjusted the interpretation instructions for the Corona regulation and explicitly included mobile service providers such as hairdressers. “This can have legal consequences if hairdressers cut their customers’ hair despite the ban,” Gergely explains. According to the Infection Protection Act, on which the regulation is based, fines of up to 25,000 euros are conceivable.

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